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At Provost Financial Services, we help individuals, families, businesses and organizations achieve their financial goals through our suite of customized services.

When you work with us, you have access to professionals that can assist you with all the different dimensions in which your life intersects with your finances. So go ahead. Live your life, and we’ll take care of the financial part.

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Wealth Management

Planning is an important part of every financial situation, but a solid plan means nothing without the financial tools and know-how to implement it. Through, Kinetic Investment Management, we not only lay out a map for success but also take the next step to deliver the investment strategies and allocation suggestions necessary to deliver the results. We do in-depth research and analysis and offer our clients access to portfolio management solutions in traditional investment classes such as stocks and bonds.

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Retirement Planning

With the variety of options, the complexities of different plans, and the uncertainties of longevity and inflation, retirement may seem like more of a burden than a joy. Through Provost Financial Services’ dynamic and holistic approach, we are able to offer consistency and confidence to our clients through every stage of retirement planning. In the first stage (the accumulation or contribution phase), we offer asset allocation and tax strategies to assure that our clients reach their retirement goals. In the second stage (the distribution or income phase), we offer budgetary and income strategies to track and adapt the retirement plan. This process helps ensure that our clients will not only make it to retirement, but through retirement as well.

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Tax Planning

In today’s ever-changing tax environment, proper planning for tax exposure is essential in protecting the hard-earned assets of our clients. Provost Financial Services offers advanced analysis and planning solutions to diversify and limit our clients’ tax liabilities while maintaining compliance within the complex regulatory environment. We provide our clients tax preparation, forecasting, and filing services through our network of experienced tax professionals. Our clients also enjoy access to advanced tax software that helps identify strategies to maximize their deductions and/or limit the future taxation of their assets. Our focus and expertise related to taxes enhance overall performance and real returns by creating more tax efficiency.

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Risk Management

Assessing risk is a strategic measurement process; it can change on a dime and have devastating effects if not handled properly. The Provost Financial Services team understands that there is no point in working diligently to create wealth if it can be lost in a moment. Our focus is on examining if our clients are protected through a robust and comprehensive insurance and risk management platform. In any investment situation there are times of uncertainty, especially with a volatile financial market, but our clients can rest assured that their team of experienced professionals is prepared for any scenario.

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Estate Planning

At Provost Financial Services we understand that with the blessing of success comes the curse and complexity of protecting that blessing. Estate planning encompasses a wide range of factors including wills, trusts, family corporations or partnerships, beneficiaries, property ownership, powers of attorney, and specific final arrangements for an estate or business. These aspects can be hard to navigate alone without a plan to put into action. Our firm works to help conserve the wealth and success of our clients by offering specific estate preservation strategies to accomplish their goals regardless of predictable or unforeseen circumstances.

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